On a recent trip to Maui, I noticed how amazing Maura looks.  So very fit and healthy with a spark in her eyes. Maura told me she has been following the Medical Medium protocol.  I decided to take a workshop from Maura and then booked my first private session.  My intention is to get help with increased weight gain, inflammation and anxiety/depression.  Her knowledge of overall nutrition is vast. She is able to answer any question I have, and there have been many.  What I really like most about Maura is her nonjudgmental, compassionate style.  I have been judging myself harshly for "letting myself go," and Maura, lovingly and gently guides me away from such self-judgment.  


In just over a week working with Maura and the Medical Medium protocol, I have substantially increased energy, less depression and anxiety, and amazingly have not craved the pastries and popcorn that I used to eat several times a week.  As an added bonus, I have lost 6 pounds as my body rids itself of all the junk I have been ingesting.  I have even reduced my coffee intake to one cup a day where it was four cups daily just a week ago.  I don't even miss it.  Amazing!


If you are on the fence about working with Maura, I would encourage you to jump off and work with her. I can just about guarantee you will be glad you did.  

/// Gina Fisher, MN

Maura is an awesome person, health advocate and mentor in the health field.  She always answers any questions I have right away, with detail and a caring, compassionate vibration.  She has worked on her own health extensively and so has the personal experience to back what she teaches. Maura introduced me to the work of Medical Medium several years ago and thus changed my life and the lives of my family.  Without Maura, I honestly could very well still be sick and tired.  Now I feel radiantly healthy and when things do come up with my health now and then, I know how to use my diet to combat them.  There is simply not enough “thanks" in the world to extend to the universe for leading my path into Maura’s. 

/// Cory Sipper, Santa Barbara

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